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People are at the heart of Sussex

Passed down from one generation to the next, Sussex has kept the tradition of family to this day. Everyone who works with us is connected by our values, which strengthens and continues our legacy.


Founded in Rich


Guided by


Meet Our

01 Founded in Rich Heritage

From father to daughter,
the story continues

The Sussex story is a family adventure to build an Australian business with sustainability at its heart. In 1960, our founder, Nicolaas Johannes van Putten, arrived in Australia with an idea and a talent for craftsmanship, jewellery and watchmaking. When he took the next step in his career, he extended his obsession for craftsmanship into tapware. His vision was to make the best quality product — the sturdiest tapware available — so that every piece in the collection would be made to last.

Now, more than 25 years after our first products were created, Nick's design engineering excellence still underpins every part of our process. It's carried on today by his family as they continue to make timeless tapware crafted with soul.


A man with purpose

At the age of 19, Nicolaas Johannes van Putten, true to his adventurous pioneering spirit, came to Australia from The Netherlands with only a watchmaking certificate and an ambition for the finest craftsmanship.

As a maker who was obsessed with details, he created tools by using his engineering expertise that would help him control the production of the most superior-quality products.


In the pursuit
of excellence

Nick's innovative spirit and precise skillset were central to every business venture he started over the next two decades. It was the NVP tooling business of making earrings though that took him and his company to the global stage. This success allowed him to make his biggest investment yet with the latest CNC machine, which produced brass components for other tapware companies.

1995_Heritage Scan_01

The soul of a
family business

Sussex, as we know it today, began in 1997 when Nick and his family set up his modest workshop in the heart of Melbourne. With his growing insight into the tapware industry based on the orders from the CNC machine, Nick took his obsession with craftsmanship and the best materials available to create tapware that he was certain would be engineered to perfection and made to last.


Timeless Design: Celebrating 20
Years of Scala

In 2001, it was Nick's genius that kick-started our iconic Scala collection. Because the foundry allowed for 360 degrees of recycling, the cylindrical bars and billets that were melted down to form tapware components became a geometric and classic inspiration for Scala’s form. Its simple pin lever design has become a distinctive feature within the Australian household and the first chapter in our success story of Australian tapware that continues to this day.


A family legacy for
a new generation

Remaining true to Nick’s pursuit of excellence and sustainability, his daughter Vanessa and her husband George took over the reins after Nick passed away to uphold our heritage, values, and beliefs and to lead it into the future.


Providing customisation to the customer

Driven by the idea that design and customisation are complementary, not opposites, Sussex provided next-level customisation through the introduction of 30 new finishes to the tapware market. The decades of manufacturing expertise have helped Sussex become true finish pioneers, giving architects and designers the perfect finishing touch.


Investing in the world's best finishing technology

The search to provide the most superior finishes for tapware led to LUXPVD®, a finishing technology that can achieve both durability and timeless beauty. This next- generation machine from Europe was installed in our state- of-the art, purpose-built facility, making Sussex a vertical manufacturer—another milestone in the history of visionary thinking that Sussex was founded on.


Becoming the World's most sustainable tapware company

Our company's sustainability journey started with Nick in 1961 and continues with his family today. We are now Australia's first carbon neutral tapware manufacturer and a Climate Active member. To be a Climate Active member, we have certified our products and organisation through Australia’s most rigorous processes and testing. While we are proud of our industry-leading achievements so far, this step on our sustainability journey is just the beginning.

02 Guided by Values

The Sussex Way — Living by Our Values Every Day

The Sussex Values are what we stand for and how we act towards one another. It's at the very core of who we are, defining our collective beliefs, and guiding our individual actions. We can foster an environment that is respectful, inclusive, and diverse, where everyone is considered equal.

Discover our VALUES

Meet our Sussex Family


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We recognise the power of individuals connected by values.

The Sussex Values are what we stand for and how we act towards one another. It's at the very core of who we are, defining our collective beliefs and guiding our individual actions. We can foster an environment that is respectful, inclusive, and diverse, where everyone is considered equal.
Believe it's possible

Imagine and realise
every dream

We are driven by passion, determination, and the persistent belief that anything is possible, followed by the courage to make it happen.

United as one team

Care for and support
each other

We celebrate individuality while working with a spirit of togetherness that is deeply embedded in our culture. We are at our best when every member of our team feels respected, included, and heard.

Heritage People_Values_21b
Doing what's right

No compromises

This underpins all our other values; it begins with how we treat each other. None of us are perfect. But when we make a mistake, we have the character and courage to make it right and learn from it.

Heritage People_Values_23
Committed to excellence

We go above and beyond

We pursue excellence at every level. At the heart of our company, we are continuously moving forward - innovating, learning, and striving for the best in everything we do.

Make a difference

A better future for
our next generation

We manufacture entirely within Australia and are here to stay. Sustainability is our top priority, ensuring we leave the world a better place than we found it. By investing in our communities, each one of us can make a difference, no matter how big or small.

03 Meet Our People

Our Greatest Treasure are Our Incredible People

What connects us all is our deep sense of passion and pride in our accomplishments. Some of our team have been with us for over 20 years, while others are new talents, but both are driving Sussex forward into a better future.

Just like each Sussex product, our team is full of spirit and character. Here are some of their unique stories, from the manufacturing floor to the head office.