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It’s very likely that if you have any question about Sussex, past or present, Zoran will know. Originally the factory floor manager, Zoran has been with Sussex since our humble beginnings of five people working alongside our founder Nick. After 22 years with us, his expertise in toolmaking and mechanical engineering has been invaluable to
the company’s growth.

Now, as Product Development Manager of our collections, he works intimately with our designers, engineers, and craftsmen to create the foundations of our timeless products. For Zoran, it’s more than creating new collections, it’s about continually improving them to advance the company’s mission of only manufacturing the best products
made to last.

That’s the beauty of our
business: we can make
changes very quickly
"As soon as the design has been produced, the job isn’t finished.
It’s our mission to keep going, keep exploring, keep improving".
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