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Taking responsibility is part of our DNA

“We want to produce an ethically manufactured product with the lowest carbon footprint. I want my kids to have a happy place to live on this Earth. If I'm fortunate enough to put my foot forward, I hope it encourages others to do the same.”

George Katsanevakis - CEO Sussex

Every day we are guided by a strong purpose and our beliefs will always push us forward - driven by respect for Australian manufacturing, all people, and our planet.

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Three principles have shaped the Sussex Responsibility Strategy


Our Responsibility to


Our Responsibility to


Our Responsibility to

01 Our Responsibility to Australia

Protecting what matters

This commitment is combined with our company's beliefs and our determination to produce Australian-made products. They inspire our ethical responsibilities as a business on how we impact Australia, and the world, for generations to come.

So, when you choose beautifully functional Sussex tapware, you're not just buying for today, you're investing in a better tomorrow for Australia.

We believe in making
it Australian

We protect what we love, so we are united in our determination to produce Australian-made products following the highest ethical principles.

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We believe in keeping
jobs in Australia

When a customer purchases Sussex tapware, they are supporting a local business at a time when local manufacturing is needed more than ever to boost our economy and provide stable jobs.

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We believe in keeping
traditional craftsmanship
in Australia

Our products are handcrafted by local people.
We take craftsmanship one step further, by infusing our founder's traditional techniques to make the best Australian-made products.

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We believe in preserving
Australian Manufacturing

Sussex offers unique, fully integrated, end-to end manufacturing. Our technology, logistics,
and design are part of a streamlined operation that ensures our products are consistently among the best in the world.

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We are entirely Australian and believe in investing together in a better Australia.

Australian made from start to finish

02 Our Responsibility to Sustainability

We are the most sustainable tapware company in the world.

We have built our vision and our values around sustainability.
Our ambitious goal of transforming our manufacturing operation and all our products to reach net zero emissions hasn't been easy, but it was necessary. We did it BIG in 2021 — not only were we Australia's first carbon neutral tapware company, but were also proudly an official member of the Climate Active network; one of the strictest carbon neutral certification bodies in the world.

Making it ZERO

Making it Zero

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We're committed to making it right, which means putting our future first.


Reduction in greenhouse gases


Tonnes of reduced emissions through solar panel installation


Recycling of our brass waste


Net carbon emissions in 2021 and beyond


Introducing a recycling program for used tapware


Efficient energy lighting installed throughout

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Renewable energies

We install solar panels to reduce emissions by
332 tonnes.

We upgrade energy systems to reduce yearly greenhouse gasses.

We reduce our logistic footprint to ensure fewer fossil fuels burnt.

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Recycling materials

Sourcing most of our raw metals and manufacturing our tapware entirely in Australia.

Operating a fully cyclical process, from the raw materials in our foundry to product delivery.

Implementing a take- back program for used tapware, greatly reducing landfill.

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Sustainable technologies

Continuously refining our processes to minimize operational waste and maximize recycling opportunities at every step.

Installing energy efficient PVD technology with a fully automated cleaning process for water filtration and recycling.

Download Our Latest Sustainability Report

Every year we summarise our efforts in an annual report. The sustainability report contains more details about how we work responsibly with materials, production, and products. It also contains our milestones and the goals we have accomplished.

Our Awards and Partnerships

We hope our accomplishments inspire others as much as they inspire us, and we challenge others to take bold action.

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03 Our Responsibility to People

Working together with our people.

We celebrate our PEOPLE

The Sussex way - Meet our people


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We are an equal opportunity employer

Sussex is proud to be an Equal Employment Opportunity employer. We do not discriminate based on gender, race, colour, ethnicity or national origin, age, disability, religion, sexual orientation, or veteran status.


We respect and celebrate the differences in our team by hiring diverse groups of people. With distinctions in ethnicity, gender, religion and education, this variety of skills, culture, and values all help us create an environment where we can be ourselves and come together as one.


Everyone that works at Sussex is part of a community. We do it through a shared love of food, culture, teamwork, and sport. Through our sense of unity, we also help our people give back to their local community.


Our people are not just a worker in our factory, or a seat at the table, but a voice in the conversation. Inclusion here means opportunity for growth, development, and advancement.


For us, a culture of belonging means creating a place where every person feels seen, heard, valued, and free to be their authentic selves.


Sussex was founded by family, and it is an ethos we live by. By putting people first and treating each other with unconditional care, we show up as ourselves, who speak from the heart, value others’ contributions, and invest in each other’s growth.

When love & skill work together, expect a

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