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Are all your product made here in Australia?

Sussex is a unique tap maker in Australia all our tapware, accessories and products are made here in our own Melbourne foundry and workshop. We don’t believe in sourcing product components from overseas. We prefer to create our own original designs and employ our own dedicated artisans. And take full responsibility for the social and environmental impact of everything we make.


Do your products come in a stainless-steel finish?

Yes, we do have certain products that come in a stainless- steel finish. Do a simple search of stainless-steel on our products page to find them.


What are your products made from?

Sussex tapware and accessories are made from recycled brass that is processed in a totally closed loop cycle, under internal control at our very own Melbourne facility.

We also have some Stainless-steel products, which are manufactured from marine grade 316 SS, and are suitable for outdoor use.


Where can I find product installation guides, measurements and information sheets?

Want to know every detail there is to know about our products? We have you covered you can easily download and view the below documents under each product page on our website:

  • Information Sheet
  • Line Drawing
  • DWG/DXF File
  • Installation Guide
  • High-res Image
  • Product Care
  • Warranty
  • Revit Files


Can we pick up from your warehouse?

Your order is part of a larger consignment, so pick up from our warehouse is unavailable. However, for exceptional circumstances regarding your order, please contact our customer service team (03)9308-6599 who will assist.


How do I keep my products clean and beautiful?

We have you covered! Download our care and maintenance guide that will tell you all you need to know, to maintain your beautiful products. Hint… please no scourers!


What is the warranty on your products?

For mechanical and structural defects, we offer up to a 15-year warranty for tapware and Showers and Accessories.  The warranty for our finishes will vary and depend on the finish. To learn more about the warranty of our products and finishes download our warranty guide that will tell you how long your product is guaranteed for.


What is the lead time for replacement/spare parts or product?

Any product that is to be replaced under warranty is placed in a fast-track process, to get to you as soon as possible. Lead times will vary, expected dispatch is between 1 to 15 working days depending on the component/product and the type of finish.


 Can I install the tapware or replacement/spare parts myself? 

To ensure validity of warranty, our tapware must be installed by a licenced Plumber. Showers and Bathroom accessories do not require a licenced Plumber for installation.

Some replacement/spare parts can be a simple swap over by the user. For assistance, please call our aftersales team on (03) 9308 6599.


When does the warranty commence?

Your warranty begins from the date of purchase, but we also recognize products are installed sometime after purchase and will consider this within the warranty period.


Why do products receive a 15-year warranty but the Shower and Pull-out hoses are warranted for 1 year?

This is due to the nature, or the product, Shower and Pull-out hoses often receive more physical use that could lessen the life of the product. Our Hoses are made of high-quality products that we would expect to last for many years under the normal use.



What is a list of all the types of finishes you sell?

Our five types of designer finishes are Electroplating, LUXPVD, Living finish, Painted finish and 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel.


What is a living finish?

Our living finish is a term given to a metallic product that is left unsealed, that is, without a top coat to prevent corrosion and tarnishing.  Without any coating, the product will continue to age, and their colours will continue to evolve as the base metal reacts with the environment.

This unsealed ‘living’ brass will beautifully, tarnish and oxidise over time, and continue to evolve into a uniquely individual piece.

It is important to note that living finishes are not for customers who want a product with a consistent aesthetic.

Variation of colour will also be noticed between parts, this is normal due to the different parent metals and finishing process. Displays and sample boards can only be an indication of the colour as the aging process may have altered the finishes from their original colour.

“Living finishes” are susceptible to cleaning products and cleaning methods, cleaning with harsh solvents and chemicals will alter the appearance, please follow the cleaning guidelines to prevent any undesired changes to the appearance.

Sussex Taps cannot take any responsibility for variation in colour, or with the aging process, as it is an inherent characteristic of a living finish.


What finish are your paint finishes?

Sussex paint finishes are a 2pac paint finish and not powder coated. Like all paint, caution is required against chipping, and there we recommend this in low use areas (i.e., powder room)


What is LUXPVD and how is it different to other finishes?

PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) is a hard coating technique which applies a thick layer of metallic material at an atomic level and is much more resistant to tarnishing, scratching, and discolouring, than all other finishes.  LUXPVD is Sussex’s state of the art PVD facility and, it is the newest and most technologically advanced method of coating tapware, all made in our zero-carbon emission PVD facility.


What is an electroplated finish?

Electroplating is the traditional method of applying a coat of colour, like chrome.

Electroplating is the process of plating a metal onto another surface for decorative purposes such as the application of colour and to mostly prevent corrosion of metal.



Can I visit the Sussex factory to see products before I purchase them?

While we love our community, we are a manufacturing facility and are not open to public. We leave the showroom/retail experience to our trusted retail partners. To view our products, you can find your nearest retailer here. If you need a hand to locate your nearest showroom our customer service team is also available assist on (03)9308-6599.


Can I visit Sussex for a factory tour?

We host group factory tours for industry affiliates, architects and educational institutions. To find out more, or book your tour, please email our Marketing team at [email protected]


I am a builder and have an ABN, can I buy direct?

Unfortunately, we do not sell direct as all orders need to be placed through our distributers. You can find your nearest retailer here.



What is Sustainability greenwashing, and how does it affect me?

As more and more Australians take sustainability and environmental issues seriously, businesses are

making environmental claims about their operations, products and services. Some of those claims have been called ‘greenwashing’.

Greenwashing is described as, ‘behaviour or activities that make people believe that a company is doing more to protect the environment than it really is’ or ‘emphasising positive and omitting negative

information to make business practices appear to be more sustainable than they actually are’.

Companies can be unclear on what standards they use to assess the product as environmentally or socially responsible, or they can overstate green credentials that are not sufficiently reflected in their business operations.

You can rest assured that Sussex is leading the way sustainably, and we have been accredited for both our Products and Business by Climate, an Australian government-backed program.

What can you do?

Rigorous Carbon Neutral Standard gives a customer confidence that a business’ environmental claim is accurate and backed by a standard.

By supporting Climate Active certified brands, and by supporting the Australian manufacturing industry more broadly. We encourage our community to consider where and how a product was made and reflect on how to consume more mindfully and according to your values.

To support and see other Climate Active accredited companies please click here.


How is Sussex sustainable compared to other tapware companies?

Sussex is a unique tap maker in Australia who makes all our tapware here in our own Melbourne foundry and workshop. We don’t believe in sourcing product components from overseas. We prefer to create our own original designs and employ our own dedicated artisans. And take full responsibility for the social and environmental impact of everything we make.

Central to the Sussex point of difference is that we are a unique Australian tap maker with our own foundry. This allows us to operate a fully cyclic process from raw materials to delivery, minimising waste and maximising recycling along the way. Every stage of the process is governed by hand and eye: from original design to final inspection.


What is the difference between Carbon Neutral accredited Business vs Products?

Organisation Carbon Neutral certifications is the operations of an organisation that have net zero emissions. While Carbon Neutral certification of Products being created, used, and disposed, has net zero emissions. Sussex is so proud to be accredited by both business and products.