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A 25-year journey to master the art
of manufacturing

Sussex has the coveted position of being vertically integrated entirely in Australia. Every product is created in-house: beginning with the vision of a collection to the casting in the foundry, all the way to the craftsman's workbench. The journey is completed using our LUXPVD® world-class finishing technology.

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Our Process

Australian From Start
to Finish: A Path
to Perfection

There are five key stages in the creation of a Sussex product. Countless steps are involved within each stage to guarantee the quality of each product until it's ready to become yours.

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User-focused ideas led by research

Our designers play a crucial role in harmonising form and function in our products for both bathrooms and kitchens. It is important to them that each product is beautiful, made to last, and environmentally friendly, while still studying how it feels in the customers' hands.

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Attention to every detail, from the foundry to fabrication, is important

Our wide range of tools and machines are enhanced by our steadfast ingenuity to meet the needs and challenges of creating each product. To keep it all in-house, we have three warehouses covering 5,240 sq. meters to house a specialised staff of 70. Together, we produce more than 500,000 components each year, entirely in Australia.

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Metal Finishing

Where brilliance, shine, and colour are chosen and permanently set

Our metal polishing, electroplating, painting, and PVD processes use the strong foundation of our recycled brass to build different styles of finishes, textures, and colours. Each step is prepared and applied with thorough care and control.

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Specialists thoughtfully combine the parts to create the final product

From the most complicated to the simplest product, our team maintain methodical practices and principles to ensure the best quality and workmanship is delivered to every product.

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Dynamic teamwork is needed for accurate and timely deliveries

To get our products to our customers, many moving parts need to work together. We use man and machine to prepare the orders while our in-house system and outsource services direct the correct shipments to the right addresses.

A collaboration of talents and skills that brings the visualisation of a new concept to the homes of our customers.


The Foundation of


The Power of the


The Dedication of


The Transformation of

01 The Foundation of Design

Perfect function and beautiful form have always been part of the Sussex design DNA

With sketches guided by vision that embrace the Sussex design philosophy, our designers take the first step on a long journey to turn those lines into a workable concept. They collaborate hand in hand with our engineering and architectural managers to create high-end collections for Australian homes. Every detail has been thoughtfully considered and obsessed over again and again.

The heritage of creation

Our designers are always mindful of current tastes, but with one eye turned towards anticipation, they remain true to our heritage. This alchemy of the past, present, and future uniquely distinguishes the design of a Sussex tap.

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Every detail is considered to create perfection
Australian imagined and designed
Throughout the creative process, we look at design trends, usability studies, and market feedback to guide our ideas. We then blend our passion for detail, decades of experience, ethical responsibility, and our unique spirit to create products that symbolise the essence of Sussex. This is the foundation of a product that is developed with both head and heart.
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Designed by hand, guided with experience
02 The Power of the Foundry

At the core of every product is the foundry, where nothing goes to waste.

It's a rare privilege of having one's own foundry. From the beginning, our founder Nick knew the best way to create the highest quality products was to establish a foundry so he could control each step of the process where everything, including waste, has a use.

One hundred percent of our brass is processed in a totally closed cycle, under internal control. This allows us to make a more sustainable product and guarantees the ethical provenance of the brass used. This style of recycling brass is one of a kind in Australia.

Even as new technologies are employed, the human touch
remains critical

Our internal foundry is a key component in guaranteeing both the excellence of our manufacturing process and our commitment to long-term sustainability.
From the reused scraps to the ability to ensure the loop in the hands of our specialised foundrymen. With this rigorous process, we've been able to recycle our brass and create ethical, high-quality products.

This method is integral to how we manufacture. It keeps highest levels of purity, our process is a totally closed our traditions alive and ensures nothing to goes to waste.
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Before we make our products, we recycle them
We've mastered the brass processing cycle:
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Material Collection

The journey of our manufacturing starts with the material collection of brass waste. As a company, it's important to us that we carefully manage this usually overlooked aspect of the process.

The brass offcuts and scraps that are left after our machining and fabrication processes are collected directly from the machines and organised by type. The contents of these containers will become the main ingredients in the newest batch of brass bars.

Charging and Melting

As the foundrymen pour the precise quantities of the leftover brass into the induction furnace, it starts to melt. But skill and finesse are needed to carefully control this process. These specialised workers understand how to balance speed with how much to increase the temperature. If it's too hot too quickly, the quality of the brass will be at risk.

As they stir the molten brass and skim off the imperfections, the purity of the brass steadily improves. These impurities are stored and further recycled by third parties, furthering our commitment to zero waste.


As the foundrymen slowly pour the melted brass from the induction furnace to the holding furnace, any impurities that were at the bottom are also skimmed out of the molten brass.

This final step of the purification process ensures that our brass is at the best possible quality, and therefore creating the best possible product.

Extraction and Cutting

Now purified to the high standards of the expert foundrymen, the melted brass is extracted into a water-cooled sizing die with caution and care. The die is adjustable, specifically set at a single measurement for use in multi-day, continuous production runs. It's a more efficient production process, and it gives us more control and guarantees quality.

Quality Control

The quality of our brass bars is still a key consideration, even after they leave the foundry. It's for this reason that we stamp a unique batch number on every brass bar to provide traceability.

We even send small samples of every batch to an outside laboratory where they measure the amounts of the individual metals that make up the brass alloy. These reports verify that every Sussex brass product meets the official Australian Standards.

Product Allocation

The brass bars are now in the hands of our craftsmen, who cut them to size as required for each machine. As the machine runs, the offcuts and scraps are collected, organised, and stored. These old leftovers are now our new ingredients, and the brass production cycle is ready to start again.

Every step in our brass production is part of Sussex's closed-loop process, a commitment to and continuous exercise in recycling and sustainability.
03 The Dedication of Craftmanship

The heritage of craftsmanship

Our story of craftsmanship began over 60 years ago when our founder travelled from the Netherlands to start a business in Australia based on his talents for watchmaking. When he established Sussex in 1997, his intrinsic passion in traditional craftsmanship easily translated into tap making. That foundation of care and precision has been carried into the next generation, who continues his legacy of making timeless tapware crafted with soul.

A heritage of people who are masters of their craft

Our talented craftspeople take enormous pride in the products they make, working diligently with their hearts in every step of the process.
Every Sussex product you hold reflects decades of refinement and problem solving. These pieces are started with love, made with love, and delivered with love, founded on proven techniques and years of wisdom.

It's our craftspeople's humbling passion and endless pursuit of perfection that have created the reputation and beauty of Sussex's products today.
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Combining conventional and modern technologies.

Our taps are created through a combination of conventional machines like lathes and more modern machines like our CNC. Together they allow our craftspeople to achieve precision and repeatability in each tap's fine quality and detail.

However, what makes our process special are our dedicated people. More than just machine operators, they use their creativity and ingenuity to continuously find ways to streamline the process, gathering their collective skills and experience to create custom tools and solutions, all in-house.

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A unique understanding creates the prefect finish.

The polisher's sharp eye and high level of skill and understanding are needed to achieve the beautiful level of polishing that you can see in many Sussex products. These craftspeople also create special tools to further assist with gripping and holding of the parts. They are all designed and made in our toolroom, unique to our parts only.

There are three types of polished finishes: mirror, brushed, and linished. Each type provides a different kind of texture and appearance, enhancing the style of every tap.

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Delivering exceptionally consistent products, every single time.

We understand how important it is to create a great product not once, but every time. This is why each product we make has its own unique manufacturing guidelines. The equipment's settings are recorded along with any special instructions on the methods or techniques required to reproduce the product in the future. This attention to detail and documentation allows us to ensure that every new batch of a product is made the same and meets a consistent level of high quality.

The quest for excellence flows through our craftspeople. It consistently drives everything that we do.
Everything that's crafted from Sussex passes through the skilled hands of our talented craftspeople. They masterfully combine their trained eyes and precision instruments to shape the brass and showcase precise workmanship, functionality, and design. Every detail is a mark of perfection, and each product is an outstanding example of tapware craftsmanship at its very best.

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A manual job that still has an artisanal side
04 The Transformation of Technology

We pursue excellence by using technology to strengthen our traditional skills.

The art of manufacturing is a long-term journey. For us, this means finding the balance between traditional techniques and the latest machinery, as well as the determination to compete on the world stage while remaining entirely in Australia. That's why it's necessary to constantly invest in new machinery for our facility. This standard is managed by well-trained and talented operators using the most modern and eco-friendly machines.

By pursing a business model of vertical integration entirely in Australia, we're able to maintain complete control of the process and therefore ensure the highest standard of excellence for our customers.

Setting the standards in technology

We're always working on new ways of thinking, new targets, and new processes. We use these ideas to keep driving us forward, looking for the next way to improve.
Because of those ambitions, we're one of the very few companies in Australia to implement robotics to achieve high standards of polishing and to have built an architecturally designed, state-of-the-art facility to house the world's best PVD finishing technology.

We're moving towards a fully automated process that ensures the precision and quality in the finishing of our products is perfect every time.
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Human knowledge, robotic accuracy.

Our robotics are used for polishing. But because it's important that this step is done accurately and consistently, the human element is still needed.

A human operator sets the program, adjusts the settings, and fine tunes as needed. The finish is still highly monitored through a stringent level of quality control.

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CNC Systems

Automated precision.

Our CNC machinery uses programmable software to produce parts and components of high tolerances, so we can guarantee that they will always fit the same way. It also allows for a high level of automation, able to operate continuously unmanned. Combined with a process specific to Sussex, these machines help us create precise parts consistently.

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The next generation of finishes.

Our brilliant PVD finishes are created through a mixture of science, technology, and, most of all, care. Our operators need to be attentive to the cleanliness of both the tapware part and its surrounding environment. It's only through this diligence that our PVD finishes can be successfully applied and are sure to last.

The world's best PVD technology is now in Australia
A next-generation PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) machine from Europe is now installed in our multimillion-dollar, state-of-the-art, purpose-built facility.

The PVD coating technology achieves a supreme finish and exquisite colour. It is a brilliant process where a solid material is vapourised in a vacuum environment and deposited on a surface as a pure coating, creating a far more refined finish than other techniques. The coating that is achieved through PVD is extremely thin, ensuring that the product retains its original shape entirely.
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Our PVD facility - world class, elegantly integrated
As part of our ongoing investment
into technology, we are constantly
looking forward.
Investment in state-of-the-art technology and the brightest design talent is coupled with time-honoured Australian craftsmanship to make our company one of the most trusted, reputable brands for interior designers, architects, and homeowners.

Respecting Australian manufacturing, all people, and our planet

Discover our story