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The CabinBy Byron Beach Abodes


Voda Floormount Bath Mixer with Curved Outlet

Bryon Bay

New South Wales - Australia 2019

The Cabin is the perfect balance of nature-focused privacy, warm luxury, and intriguing authenticity.




Voda Wall Outlet Curved

Voda Floor Mount Outlet
Voda Floor Mount Bath Mixer Curved

Circa Hob Mixer



The Cabin is part of a collection of boutique homes called the Byron Beach Abodes. This family-run accommodation business is led by owner and designer Taliah Lowry and her husband, Sein. With each home in the collection representing a different style, for the Cabin, the warm, minimalist inspiration came from the desire for a cabin escape in the mountains, drawn from the Lowrys’ time in New Zealand. In fact, you won’t see any other building while you’re in the property—it’s all about being embedded in nature and taking in the ocean breezes and peaceful eucalyptus treetops.

The inside-outside concept is felt through the carefully chosen details that enhance each space’s natural forms and muted colors. In the first floor ensuite bathroom, the modern curvature of our Chrome Voda and Circa taps evoke the rounded white shapes of the oversize oval bathtub and cylinder pedestal sink while standing in elegant contrast to the large, triangular window, framed in black steel. In the ground floor kitchen, our Scala sink mixer’s angled shape and Chrome finish juxtaposes the space’s textured black American Oak and the tap’s timeless design fits in neatly with the high-tech appliances.

The key to the Cabin’s balanced feeling is the use of quality materials. From the raw timber, limestone floors, and beautiful three-story lime-washed spiral staircase to the textured rugs, carefully chosen plush furnishings, and statement lighting, every element works together to make a true luxury experience.


Interior Designer

Kate Sacks Interior Designer


Jessie Prince