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The Expansive KitchenBy Kennedy Nolan & Laminex


Voda Sink Mixer Square SS 316

Creative Direction - Ortolan

Victoria - Australia 2020

The first collaboration between Kennedy Nolan and Laminex, an Australian made material, the expansive kitchen plays with the potential of laminate through shapes and colours. Well known for being a durable, long-lasting, and easy-to-clean material, Laminex’s laminate also presents interesting opportunities for design.

Since much of the expansive kitchen’s focus was in playing with two-dimensional patterns and three-dimensional forms, the kitchen needed a tap that would be a strong statement. Our Voda Sink Mixer Square in SS 316 was chosen to be the modern, angular fixture that could gracefully juxtapose the surrounding experimentation of curves made from the pliable laminate.

The collaboration also tested a muted colour palette, inspired by the Australian landscape. These colours from the Laminex Colour Collection added a thoughtful grounding to the dynamic movements found in the island bench base, the splashback, doors on the cabinetry, and other thoughtful moments throughout the room.



Kennedy Nolan

Creative Direction

Ortolan Design


Derek Swalwell


Natalie James


316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel