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Scalpellino HouseBy Biasol Studio


Electroplated Matt Black


Victoria - Australia 2020

In the Scalpellino House, stone is the hero of each space, an homage to the family’s history and a showcase of the material’s beauty.


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Matt Black


Scalpellino House is the home of Frank Bartucca and his family, the latest generation in the family’s long history of stonemasons. The name also reflects this, with “Scalpellino” being the Italian word for “stonemason.”

Originally from Italy, Bartucca eventually passed down his skills and passion to the Bartucca Tiling and Construction company, the family business in Melbourne. In the two-storey home, natural stone is the focal point of every room—not only a tactile, modern tribute to the family legacy, but also a demonstration of how the material can work anywhere.


Electroplated Matt Black

Since the natural stone is used with such intention, each room receives its own personality, based on the function and desired feeling. Because of this, the stone’s dynamic and organic patterns are further enhanced by the restrained colours and minimalist furnishings in each space. In particular is the application in the bathroom and powder rooms, where the stone is exquisitely featured.


Almost wrapped completely in monochromatic marble, these rooms become a spatial monolith, creating a dramatic experience for any user. The Matt Black of our Milli Pure and Scala fixtures stand out against the natural striations of the surfaces and their clean, geometric forms become sculptural accents in the room. While in the kitchen, our Milli Pure sink mixer, also in Matt Black, underscores the gold-streaked granite benchtops and dark wood joinery.


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Timothy Kaye