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Ritz Carlton - PerthBy Cottee Parker



Australia - 2019

In 2019, the Australian architecture firm Cottee Parker unveiled the first Ritz-Carlton hotel in Australia in almost 20 years. The luxury six-star hotel is a part of the Elizabeth Quay Urban Renewal project, a mixed-used complex by the Swan River in Perth. It was built connected to residential towers, simply named “The Towers.” The riverfront hotel has 18 storeys containing 205 rooms, with their design influenced by Western Australia’s tones of reds, golds, and pinks.

The iconic Kimberly sandstone was used for the podium rainscreen cladding while the pink-hued mirrored glass along the hotel’s exterior is inspired by the state’s Argyle pink diamonds and the magnificent sunsets. The homages are also found in the smaller decor details like the local flora embellishing each room and the artwork, created by regional artists, of WA’s colorful landscapes that are found throughout the property.

Through our partnership with Reece, Sussex was brought into the project because of our craftsmanship heritage and quality customisation service that meet the required 5-star Ritz-Carlton brand standard. Our brass, the foundation for our tapware, is also locally sourced, aligning with the architects’ focus on celebrating Australia’s natural resources. Using our Milli Pure range as the foundation, six customized parts finished in Brushed Nickel were designed for the 205 bathrooms found in the guest rooms and suites.

To create a more accessible user experience for the hotel’s guests, Sussex adjusted the basin mixers as well as the bath and shower wall top assemblies so that they all had red and blue indicators for hot and cold water, instead of letters. Bath spouts were fixed to prevent swiveling and additional lift plugs were created so that guests could still keep their hands dry in the even of water overflow. To accommodate the bathrooms’ unique designs, Sussex also created additional 30 mm lever pins. In all, the project took around 6 months to produce over one thousand customised parts. This has been our largest customisation project to date.